Yogurt- Fresh & Creamy Cooked Yogurt

Yogurt- Fresh & Creamy Cooked Yogurt

½ gallon of fresh, raw, whole milk
½ cup yogurt from previous batch or ½ cup from store-bought, whole milk, plain yogurt (Brown Cow brand recommended).

Pour the milk into the sauce pan and slowly heat to 180° Fahrenheit. Stir frequently to avoid burning.
Take off the heat and cool to 118° Fahrenheit. (this may take up to 1 hour) Stir frequently to avoid a “skin” forming on the top. If skin does form, just skim it off and throw away.
Once you have reached the 118 degrees, pour in the yogurt and mix into the milk using the wire whisk.
Pour the milk and yogurt mixture into the mason jar and seal tightly with the lid.
Place the sealed jar in the insulated lunchbox or cooler and pack it tightly with towels for further insulation. (to ensure proper culturing temperature, you can place another jar in cooler containing hot water, but this step is not completely necessary).
Close container and place on counter for 12-24 hours (longer culturing time is recommended for those with digestive issues or sensitivity to milk products).
When the above time has passed, place yogurt in refrigerator for at least 3 hours to “set”. If you skip this step it could lead to separation. (It will still be good to eat, just not look as smooth and creamy).

Needed Kitchen Utensils:

Sauce pan large enough to hold ½ gallon
Wooden spoon
Candy thermometer
½ gallon mason jar with lid
Large Insulated lunchbox or cooler
Several dish rags or towels


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