15 Minute (Real Food) Meals: Tips & Tricks

Eight tips to get your weeknight meals on the table fast:

1. soak your grains, beans & nuts ahead of time then freeze for quicker prep.
2. Two words: crock pot! Soups, beans, broths… all cooking while you’re away. (Don’t forget a hot pad underneath!).
3. Freeze big batches of broth for soups & bases.
4. LEFTOVERS! Think of it more like “upcycling”.
5. Preplan your menu. I can’t stress this enough, it will save you both time & money.
6. Soups- the ultimate lazy meal. Make big batches and freeze for a super-easy on the fly meal in the following weeks. Don’t forget to defrost it though- see #5!
7. Prepacked veggie & stir fry bags
8. Frozen roasts cook in 8+ hours, ready when you get home.

Oct WAP meeting 15 minute meals


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