5-Minute Okra

Y’all, I’m totally into okra right now! That usually gains me some disgusted looks, but hear me out! This is my husband’s recipe and we’re addicted to it:

  • Fresh okara (just get what you’ll eat that meal)
  • Wash & cut off ends.
  • Spray lightly with Avocado Oil (or you could toss in the oil if you don’t have a sprayer)
  • Season with: slat, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and a bit of cayenne.
  • Place on a cooling rack (on top of foil or a baking pan to catch drips). The cooling rack ensures that all sides get cooked without getting soggy.
  • Cook for 15 minutes @ 400.

This recipe takes five minutes or less and pairs with a protein and salad.  We had it with pork chops and a big garden salad.  Okra is well known for its healing properties.  Okra can get a bad name because of it’s “slimy” quality which is actually mucilage.  This is the same stuff in Aloe Vera and is incredibly healing and nutritive for your skin and digestive tract.  So, if you’re looking to heal your gut or digestion, okra is for you.

-Guest post by Dr. Christy PorterfieldIMG_4304


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